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Q&A With T.I.P.S. Supervisor Andrea Dye-Farginson, 10/6/2020

The Teen Infant Parenting Services (T.I.P.S.) program supports young, displaced mothers in search of support and safety. The program provides young mothers, ages 18-24, with resources to help them gain access to jobs, housing, and bright futures. T.I.P.S. Supervisor Andrea Dye-Farginson has led the program for more than 22 years and shared insight into the program and her favorite moments from her tenure. READ MORE

Online Resources To Help Facilitate Virtual Learning At Home, 9/24/2020

In this temporary new normal, families are finding themselves facilitating learning at home. Virtual learning can be overwhelming and many parents have to balance work in addition to their child’s schooling. Read our blog for online resources to help ease the challenges of virtual learning. READ MORE

Resources To Help You Provide A Safe Environment For Your Infant, 9/24/2020

September is National Baby Safety Month. At MCHS, we provide services and resources to ensure families have a safer and brighter future. Infancy is a very crucial developmental stage in a child’s life. As a foster parent, accepting an infant placement can be wonderful, yet overwhelming. MCHS is here to assist with resources to help provide a safe, healthy and happy environment for your baby. READ MORE

Creating An Academic Environment At Home, 9/14/2020

The school year is underway as students, parents and teachers adjust to the temporary normal of virtual learning. At Fostering Leadership Academy (FLA), families are given flexible learning options to cater to their needs. Whether students attend school in person or participate virtually, FLA provides individualized learning plans to meet the unique needs of each student. In honor of National Online Learning Day (September 15), read our blog for tips on how to create an environment at home that supports virtual learning. Remember – this is a “new normal” for all of us! READ MORE

MCHS, Fostering Leadership Academy & The Journey To Being Truly “Trauma-Informed,” 8/24/2020

At MCHS, we’re committed to creating a truly trauma-informed community. But what does that mean? READ MORE

Fostering Leadership Academy’s Plan to Open in the Midst of COVID-19, 8/5/2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that we are stronger as a community and to remain flexible in an ever-changing environment. Fostering Leadership Academy is prepared to open for the 2020-2021 school year and able to provide our students and parents with the reassurance and resources they need to thrive this school year. READ MORE

Easing Anxiety Into The New School Year, 8/5/2020

The start of a new school year can cause anxiety for both adults and children. With the uncertainty of school plans for the fall due to COVID-19, anxieties can be higher than usual as we prepare to start school, whether that be in-person or virtually from home. Read our blog about how you can ease anxieties before the start of this school year! READ MORE 

What is Trauma-Informed Education?: The FLA Difference, 8/3/2020

Fostering Leadership Academy will serve as Michigan's first K-8 charter school with a fully trauma-informed curriculum, focusing on healing and learning simultaneously. So what exactly is "trauma-informed education?" FLA Principal Abby Stewart breaks down what trauma-informed education really is and how our community's most vulnerable children will benefit. READ MORE

Seven reasons to NOT be a Foster Parent Right Now (And The Overwhelming Reasons Why You SHOULD), 7/24/2020

Let's be honest — fosterhood is rewarding, but thinking about becoming a foster parent in the wake of COVID-19 can seem uncertain and presents new challenges. We came up with seven reasons why you may be hesitant to begin your journey to fosterhood and seven ways MCHS dismantles those hurdles to make your process simple. READ MORE

When “Different” Is Deadly, 7/14/2020

What we can learn from Elijah McClain, our children and the danger of “otherness” READ MORE

MCHS Summer Camp List, 7/1/2020

Looking for a local summer program to keep your children engaged? Check out our list of fun and educational summer resources curated by the MCHS Foster Care team! READ MORE

MCHS Q & A With Foster Parents Ken & Tim, 6/29/2020

Becoming a foster parent can be daunting for anyone. It can be extremely difficult for members of the LGBTQ community who often face discrimination on their parenthood journey. Newly licensed foster parents Tim and Ken spoke with us about their experience fostering as a same-sex couple. READ MORE

Weathering The Storm, 5/21/2020

More than a hundred years ago, Methodist Children’s Home Society was founded in Detroit as a home to orphaned children, right at the beginning of the Spanish Flu pandemic. We look back at how we overcame the Spanish Flu and look ahead to how we will continue to push through COVID-19. READ MORE

Foster Care Q&A Recap, 5/12/2020

May is National Foster Care Awareness Month! Yesterday, MCHS  CEO Kevin Roach along with Director of Licensing Danielle Stevens and Director of Child Welfare went live on Facebook to answer your questions about Foster Care! In case you missed it, read our blog recapping the great information they provided! READ MORE

What's On Kevin's Bookshelf? 4/28/2020

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month! Check out our list of powerful and informative books to learn more about child abuse and prevention. READ MORE

Detroit Office - New Community Programs, 4/9/2020

We are excited to share that our Detroit Resource Center is expanding and launching new programs in 2020! READ MORE

Celebrating One Year Of Service In Detroit, 4/7/2020

We are excited to celebrate the first anniversary of opening our first satellite office at the Durfee Innovation Society in Detroit . On April 8th, 2019, we cut the ribbon and officially opened our Detroit Resource Center with programming centered around child abuse prevention. Our Detroit office is an accessible community space offering family support, education and basic infant supplies to at-risk families. This growing office has allowed us to increase our footprint and reach in our community, meeting families where they are. READ MORE

We Are Essential, 4/4/2020 

MCHS staff are essential in providing love and restoring the hope to nearly 60 boys in our residential program, ages 5 to 18 — all of whom are in foster care as a direct result of the severe neglect and abuse they’ve survived. READ MORE

Communicating With Your Child About COVID-19, 4/2/2020

As the country and our state adjust to the new normal during the COVID-19 outbreak, our children are also adjusting to multiple stressors. The pandemic has undoubtedly created anxiety, changed the way we work and educate our children, all while practicing social isolation. READ MORE

MCHS HERstory, 3/16/2020

Since the founding of MCHS in 1917, women have been at the forefront of our history. MCHS was founded by two extraordinary women and over the next 103 years, women have helped carry out their vision and mission. READ MORE

MCHS 2020 Annual Dinner, 3/13/2020

Our 2020 Annual Dinner was a night full of spirit as we cheered on the many volunteers, donors, staff and foster parents that make our mission possible! READ MORE

What To Expect At Annual Dinner 2/13/2020

Our Annual Dinner is the perfect event to kick off your spring season! This year, we'll be cheering on our home team to celebrate the upcoming ground-breaking of the Fostering Leadership Academy, the first trauma-informed charter school in the state of Michigan. READ MORE

Benefits Of Mentorship, 1/15/2020

January is National Mentoring Month! Becoming a mentor at MCHS is just one of the many ways you can have a direct impact on our youth and community. Read our blog to learn the benefits of mentoring our youth. READ MORE

Home For The Holidays, 12/19/2019

The holidays can be a stressful time for anyone, especially for foster children who are adjusting to a new home. Read below for ways to decrease the stress around transitioning into a new home during the holidays. READ MORE 

What No One Tells You About Adoption, 11/19/2019

Adoption is a life changing experience that can positively impact the lives of everyone involved. However, everyone’s adoption process is different. Here are five things not commonly shared about adoption. READ MORE

2019 Hearts & Heroes Gala, 11/12/2019

Our 3rd Annual Hearts & Heroes Gala was one to remember! More than 400 guests came together to root for the future of MCHS and the children and families we serve. Together, we raised a record-breaking amount of funds to support our mission and exciting new ventures. READ MORE

Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Considering Adoption, 11/8/2019

It’s no doubt that the adoption process can seem daunting. We’re here to help! Here are a few questions you should ask when considering adoption. READ MORE

Six Ways To Prevent Substance Abuse Relapse During The Holidays, 10/24/2019

The holidays can be a stressful time for everyone. It can be especially difficult for people who have battled substance abuse. With an increase in family gatherings and stress, individuals who struggle with substance abuse can feel an increased temptation to use during the holiday season. Whether you are personally affected by substance abuse or you know someone who struggles, here are six tips to help avoid relapse during the holiday season. READ MORE 

What To Expect At Our Annual Gala, 10/9/2019

Our 2019 Hearts and Heroes Gala is quickly approaching and we’re planning an incredible evening full of entertainment, touching stories, and philanthropy. Check out our blog to read more about what we have planned for our 2019 Hearts and Heroes Gala at the Roostertail on November 2, 2019! READ MORE


Five Myths About Foster Care & Adoption, 8/16/19 (Updated 5/7/2020)

So you’re interested in foster care and adoption? There’s a ton of information out there surrounding foster care and adoption, but the tricky part is separating the truth from the myths. We're here to help you figure it out!  READ MORE



2019 Golf Classic, 6/10/19

The rain didn't stop our shine as we held our 4th annual Golf Classic at the Inn at St. John's in Plymouth. With just a brief delay in tee time, more than one hundred golfers joined us for a day filled with fun, golf, and giving back. READ MORE


Bikes For All! 5/16/19

We say this often but it’s true -- We are only as strong as the community that supports us. On May 16, the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) of Metropolitan Detroit returned for their annual on-campus bike building event. This year, more than 60 volunteers spent the day with us to supply every child in our residential program with a brand new, hand assembled and personally delivered bike and helmet! READ MORE




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