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We've got a lot to say! 8/31/2018

We’ve got a lot to say about the state of child welfare. Our staff at MCHS have informed (and sometimes unorthodox) thoughts and opinions about what we are doing well, where we are falling short, and how we can do better in creating brighter futures for some of Michigan's most vulnerable youth - children in Michigan’s  foster care system -- as well as more than 438,000 in the national system.

Through our new website and blog, we’ll talk legislature and politics, as well as the business of human services as it relates to the care we provide our country’s children. We will discuss the innovative ideas we have when it comes to caring for the therapeutic, educational, and holistic needs of our children…as well as anything and everything in between!

If you’re looking to get more involved, leave a comment or connect with us on social media:

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We’re excited to have you join this conversation, and while we know what we post might not always be the safest or most common response, and there will be some who won’t always agree with the stances we take, we hope this opens up more engaging conversation around our nation’s kids. So, yes, we’ve got a lot to say, we've got a lot more to learn! Let us know what you think, contact your legislators, become an advocate, and make us better. Despite the challenges we face, as a community, we can provide children and families with what they need to be strong, successful, and thriving.

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