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Volunteer at MCHS

At MCHS, we have a volunteer opportunity for everyone! Your commitment to lending a hand helps our children and families heal and grow! Whether your talents include working directly with the children as a coach, tutor, or mentor, or you are more interested in furthering our mission by lending a hand to our staff with administrative functions or the execution of our fundraising events, we NEED you!

We're able to accept both individuals as well as groups; however, please note that any activity taking place directly with the children and families we serve requires volunteers 18-years-old and older. Check out our volunteer opportunities for our ever changing and ever growing options!

Volunteer Opportunities

Coaching: Our residential boys love to stay active, and playing sports is usually at the top of their to-do list! Come out and help coach one of our MCHS Hawks teams, or teach our boys a new skill.

Mentoring: Studies show children need three positive role models in their lives in order to be successful. Will you be the one that makes the difference in the life of one of our children? By becoming a mentor, you will be matched one-on-one with one of our children, and you'll spend time together each month doing activities, helping them with their homework, and being a listening ear when they've had a tough day. If this sounds like a good fit, check out our mentoring application.

Tutoring: Children in foster care tend to struggle academically, and they need a little extra push when it comes to excelling in school! Have a passion for teaching or finding creative ways to make school work fun and engaging? Become an after-school tutor! 

Childcare: Our foster parents are busy folks, yet they still find time to attend our support groups and trainings here on our campus. During these sessions, we look forward to providing childcare for our hard-working families, and we need you to help babysit for a few hours each month. 

Special Events: We're always looking for extra help with planning and executing our four annual special fundraising events. Selling raffle tickets, securing silent auction items, helping with decorations and set-up-- it all helps us reach our fundraising goals and ultimately allows us continue to positively impact the children and families we serve.

Clerical/Administrative: We can always use an extra set of hands in the office! If you are energized by filing, making copies, and organizing, you'll be the perfect fit for this role!

Grounds and Maintenance: Our campus is made up of 22 buildings on 80-acres of land, and it allows for a beautiful and scenic location for our children and families to grow, heal and learn. However, it definitely requires a lot of work to maintain. Bring a group to help us with our spring clean-up, plant flowers around the children's cottages, or help us rake leaves during the fall.

Have another idea not listed here? Contact Erin Schrieber at 313-531-9968 or  or fill out the form below to discuss potential opportunities for you or your group!

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