Welcome to Methodist Children's Home Society

Methodist Children’s Home Society helps hundreds of children each year by providing safe havens, creating forever families and raising responsible young men.

We fulfill a vital and challenging purpose within the state of Michigan by providing a broad range of services to children and families in crisis. Our clinical therapists provide treatment for our most vulnerable youth with the hope that one day they will be free from the pain and confusion caused by abuse and neglect. This care sparks hope and promise for a better future- for children and families, and ultimately the entire community.

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Upcoming Events:

Black History Poetry Lunch

MCHS will celebrate Black History month with a lunch event for the residential children on February 16. We will have 2 poets from the Artist Village in the Brightmoor neighborhood of Detroit come perform during the lunch.
We have a small fundraising goal for this event- please call 313-531-7462 to see how you can contribute.