Welcome to Methodist Children's Home Society

Methodist Children’s Home Society helps hundreds of children each year by providing safe havens, creating forever families and raising responsible young men.

We fulfill a vital and challenging purpose within the state of Michigan by providing a broad range of services to children and families in crisis. Our clinical therapists provide treatment for our most vulnerable youth with the hope that one day they will be free from the pain and confusion caused by abuse and neglect. This care sparks hope and promise for a better future- for children and families, and ultimately the entire community.

Spotlight on MCHS

As summer approaches we are looking for donated flats of flowers to spruce up our campus and provide a colorful, visually pleasing environment for our boys. We are also looking for volunteers to help plant the flowers. Flower donations can be dropped off at our Administration Building Monday-Friday 9am-4:30pm. Please contact Sasha by phone at 313-531-7462 or by e-mail at if you would like to volunteer or have any questions.

Spotlight Child of the Month

Meet Cameron!

Cameron, age 11, is an inquisitive, optimistic, 5th grader who describes himself as likable and fun. Cameron is a strong communicator and constantly expresses his thoughts and feelings. He is pleasant and respectable most of the time. He greatly enjoys helping.

Cameron struggles with developing friendships and can be aggressive and argumentative during times of frustration. Cameron is currently receiving support services to help him develop coping skills and positive peer relationships, and will need a patient family who is dedicated to maintaining his progress by continuing services and seeking out additional services if needed.

Cameron has experienced a great deal of loss and transitions in the past, so he will need adoptive parents who are patient, understanding and supportive of Cameron's guardedness towards adoption. Cameron would benefit from a two-parent or a single female adoptive placement. For more information call 313-531-3372

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